Patrice's Story…

Courage in the face of fear looks differentlly for each of us.

Patrice, a mother of two, demonstrated tremendous courage when she left her abusive husband last winter and returned to the only place she considers home—Massachusetts—where she has the love of her extended family and the support those connections provide.

Two years ago, Patrice's husband isolated her from her family and friends by moving with her and their children to Florida. And then the abuse began—verbal, emotional, and physical. Patrice began to fear for her safety and for the safety of her children.

As things escalated, Patrice was not allowed to have contact with anyone, or to work outside the home. Her husband used her name to incur tremendous debt. As she became depressed and hopeless, she was unsure if she would ever have the means to escape this dangerous situation.

However, after one particularly explosive incident last December, Patrice made the courageous decision to take back power over her life. She left her husband and returned home to Massachusetts where she has found the love and support she needs. Patrice immediately sought help at Family and Community Resources and is receiving counseling and other essential services. Her advocate helped Patrice and her children obtain safe housing, and has encouraged her to pursue her vocational and personal goals.

Today, Patrice is employed full time and is working to restore her credit and provide for her children. Her words of hope say it all: "My advocate has helped me a lot; I am happy to come to my appointments and thankful for the support and encouragement that has helped me rebuild my life and envision a safe and healthy future for myself and for my children."

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