October 2019 Event Calendar

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October 1 – For the month of October, purchase a reusable Give Good shopping bag at Stop & Shop on Belmont St. in Brockton and FCR receives $1!

October 3 – “Meet Family and Community Resources: What is Domestic Violence” Presentation at Brockton Rotary presented by Joanne Hoops and Linda Siegel Croker

October 5 – FCR will have a resource table at the SHOE CITY FESTIVAL & COMMUNITY EVENT downtown Brockton. The event celebrates the ethnic diversity of the city and the history of the shoe industry!

October 7, 14, 21 – Monday Morning @ The Water Cooler – catch up with colleagues and share important information about domestic violence. Log on to www.fcr-ma.org/news for some cooler topics. The more people know about domestic violence, the faster we can eradicate it! Will also post on Facebook.

October 10 - Thanksgiving Basket Drive Launch! Click here for more info!

October 11, 18, 25 – PSA Friday – Facebook posts with information about Domestic Violence. Check us out on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/familyandcommunityresources/

October 12 – 19 – Toiletry Drive @ Stonehill College

October 17 – FCR will launch the POLICE PAMPHLET at the Brockton Area DV Task force meeting.

FCR’s DV Services team has developed a informational pamphlet for police officers to carry in their cars to provide to Survivors when investigating a domestic violence call. The pamphlet contains information on local shelters, how to file a 209A restraining order, contacts for DCF, helping suggestions for talking to child witnesses to the domestic violence, other community resources, a “DV 101” explaining the effects of trauma on family and what to expect next after a DV event.

October 22 – Our holiday Adopt – A – Family Program launch! Kick off to the Holiday Season!

October 23 – FCR will have a resource table at a tabling event at Massasoit for Domestic Violence Awareness month on campus.

October 24 – FCR will participate in and have a resource table at the lantern release and tree planting event at The Brockton VA Hospital in memory of victims of Domestic Violence.

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